Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has changed the way customers buy and businesses sell

Explosion of internet and mobile technologies has thrown open a whole new set of marketing opportunities. It has disrupted the way business was being done and will continue to so. Digital Marketing is important for both customers and Business alike

Customer Prespective

Internet technologies has given immense power to customer in terms of
a. Awareness: Today the customer is much more aware and searches for products which can satisfy his needs online. It means if your business is not online you don’t exist for the customer
b. Negotiation: Customer is now in a much better position to negotiate than ever before. He now dictates his terms not only with respect to price but also in terms of service, delivery and payment terms
c. Choice: The options available to customer are much wider, he can buy online as well as offline new business models are emerging as a result

Business Perspective

The business have also been empowered by the digital technologies in terms of
a. Wider Market: Internet has truly converted the whole world into a Global Village where any one can do business anywhere. Physical boundaries have no relevance.
b. Medium of marketing: Internet has thrown open a new set of medium of marketing. The digital marketing options have become an important and cost effective medium of advertising. The digital medium is fast replacing the traditional medium channels accross all industries.
c. Control on the advertising cost: The marketing managers today have more control over each penny they spend on the digital channels. They can now better segment their market and design targeted messages for each segment and achieve better ROI.