Personality Development

Personality Development

Personality development primarily comprises of physical outlook, your communication skill and your confidence and attitude. It is a continuous process spread over a period of time. The program will help you to understand basic elements and how you can bring about a positive change in these elements. The tips shared during the program will improving your communication and public speaking skills, interpersonal skills, attitude and overall personality and confidence. The program design is modular in nature and can be designed to suit the needs of the participants.

Participant Profile

Designed for first time managers.

Program Outline

Introduction & Importance of Personality

Elements of Personality

  • Physical Personality
  • Communication as part of Personality
  • Mental Personality & Attitude

Physical Grooming

  • General Appearance
  • Body Language
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Handshake

Basics 4 pillars of effective of Communications

  • Understanding the Objective of communication
  • Understanding the audience needs
  • Preparing the Macrostructure of Communications
  • Selecting the Visuals
  • Barriers and pitfalls of business communication

Communication Gap & Exercise

Types of communication

  • Verbal
  • Non Verbal
  • Written communication
    • Reports
    • Emails, Letters, Memos
    • Presentations

Business writing

  • Etiquettes of Business communication
  • Characteristics of an effective report
  • Report layout and design for clarity and impact (Template review)

Public speaking and Presentation Skills

  • Essentials of effective presentations
  • Modulating pitch and rate of speech
  • Positive body language
  • Using visuals effectively
  • Engaging Audience
  • Handling questions

Mental attitude and Personality

  • What is Success and attitude required for success?
  • Essential Characteristics for Achieving Success
  • Case Study
  • Understanding the obstacles to success
  • Set your goal Create your own “Motivational Quotes”
  • Commitment to the Goal and Setting Focus
  • Enjoy each success and laugh at your failure and stay positive
  • Motivational Videos & Games

Interpersonal Skills

Transactional Analysis

Conflict Management


Personality Development Books